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Company Overview

We are an Information Technology company formed to provide business solutions and IT services for SMB and Enterprise companies in the Philippines. Our Directors and Officers are seasoned IT Professionals and Business Professionals with more than a (2) decades of experience in business consulting technology and support.

We focus on Software Development, Network Infrastructure and Datacenter consulting and deployment, IT Consulting, Cloud Services and Business Process Development, Enhancement and Automation. We aid start-up and growing companies in their endeavours to realize their corporate visions and achieve their goals by integrating their business processes with our unique and innovative solutions. We help our Enterprise clients bridge the gap between their current IT infrastructure and overall business strategies.

We value PARTNERSHIP, we unite with our clients to a common goal – GROWTH

We value LOYALTY, we ensure business reciprocity to our loyal partners and clients - GROWTH

We value INNOVATION, we elevate our company to the upper echelon of competition - GROWTH

CloudGate Features

A CloudGate software is easy-to-use, reliable and affordable, which can improve the efficiency of your company to help you find, manage and share documents.




CloudGate Solution 

Do you want to save space, quick access to documents, or access documents remotely? Do you have tons of documents to manage? Try our CloudGate Software solution. Access your documents and process it anywhere.



Our Services

              • Website Development
              • Web Hosting
              • Custom Software development.
              • System Integration.
              • Consultancy
              • IT Manpower Services


  • Innovation

    We are in the age where businesses will not succeed without competitive IT infrastructure and systems. Technology is vital, thus we provide innovative and quality IT systems without losing value for money

  • Speed and Agility

    What makes us different amongst others is our ability to respond to clients’ needs immediately, and our ability to dynamically adapt to market change

  • Integrity

    We live and die with our integrity. We entrust our business in our good reputation, professional ethics and our utmost adherence to moral responsibilities

  • Commitment

    We convict ourselves to support our clients 24x7 and help them grow their business We nurture our employees to grow personally and professionally

  • Personal Responsibility

    We are built by individuals who respect and promote personal responsibility and accountability towards one’s work

  • Trust and Respect

    We have a common goal, to success! We trust that our people are key, our partners are vital and our clients are king. We all value trust and confidence towards each other and uphold an esteemed organization and partnership


  • We improve your business process

    ensure sustainability and growth of your business by improving your business process through automation and integration

  • We increease your productivity and effeciency

    get your work done in lesser time, increase your output in a day and improve your overall performance to over-achieve your annual target

  • We provide value for money

    your investment is a sure success with our systems that provide higher ROI

  • We ensure availability

    we support our business partners 24hours, 7days a week, with service-level-agreement

  • We embrace your VISION

    we make sure we understand your business and your direction because we align our solution to what our clients want to achieve long-term

  • We improve your profitability

    we let you focus on your core business and improve profitability while we manage your core IT systems for you