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WHAT IS CloudGate DMS?

Cloudgate DMS 3 in 1

More than just a DMS


CloudGate DMS is not only a document management system but can also be an ONLINE FORM and REPORT server. CloudGate DMS is integrated with Jasper Report for its report generation and Open Office for its documents convertion to PDF.

CloudGate DMS is an enterprise electronic document management system, which, due to its features and characteristics, can be used by small to medium sized companies, as a useful tool in knowledgepeoplemanagement processing, providing a more flexible and lower-cost alternative to other proprietary applications available in the market.


The use of knowledge management systems by a company helps it to manage intelligence on the resources available to the company, more efficiently. This leads to a medium-term increase in productivity. Using these systems, the information, as well as the knowledge generated within the organization, can be universally accessed.


Using CloudGate DMS to manage documents at your company, will be easy. One of our major goals is to deploy CloudGate DMS tailor-fit to your needs. CloudGate DMS is a document management application with a web user interface that allows the following operations to be carried out: sharing, setting security roles, auditing and finding enterprise documents and registers. With CloudGate DMS users can easily collaborate and communicate.

In an Enterprise solution, CloudGate DMS offers a very redundant configuration with high availability using the Load Manager as a dispatcher to load-balance incoming connections and using the back-end database clustering technique to prevent data loss and high availability. With CloudGate DMS, document management in an enterprise can be made stable and highly available.

Feature Benefits


CloudGate DMS can be configfured to be highly available and redundant.



  • Web-based - access anywhere
  • Runs on tablets
  • Gui-based menu
  • Attach mapping info on documents
  • Relate Documents
  • Revision Documents
  • Templates on some documents
  • Easy Search for Documents
  • Upload via Zip file, via local folder
  • Document hits, rating
  • Email Notification
  • Protection of PDF Documents
  • Customizable Online Forms
  • Integration with Jasper Reports
  • Parameterized Report Server
  • Multi-Tenant System
  • Document Assignment
  • Mix-Media Slide Show
  • Multi-User system
  • Fine-grained role-based security
  • Transaction logging / Auditable
  • URL Access Security