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- CloudGate Document Management System -

"CloudGate Document Management System allows organization to go paperless by digitizing their documents and managing it electronically. The actual document can the be stored on document warehouse to avoid wear and tear. The system also tracks the location of the document so that it can be easily retrieved physically in the future. "


◘ Easily search scanned documents

◘ Monitor expiring documents

◘ Digitized documents is save centrally.

◘ Access and share documents easily




The system handles documents like a physical document. It can be moved, transferred or assigned to. The actual documents is just kept in the document warehouse to avoid wear and tear.

Monitor expiring documents whether based on the age or the date they are created or on the content of the documents like expiring contracts, maintenance agreements and the like.

The system keeps track of all the activities of the user documents related or not. The logs are keep inside the database of the system itself so it is included during backup and other security activities applied to the database.