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- CloudGate Security Management System -

"CloudGate Security Manager allows management of users and roles in the CloudGate Framework. All the applications of CloudGate uses this application for user authentication, integration with AD / LDAP. The system also allows the configuration of the whole framework. "


◘ Centralized user management

◘ Centralized management of logs

◘ Centralized management of registered application inside the framework




Every application in the framework shares their list of rights in the system. CloudGate security manager controls these rights – which are supposed to be enabled and which are supposed to be disabled.

The system allows configuration of LDAP, AD integration, email integration in it. Control of application whether they are activated or not is also inside. Global configuration like licenses, global messages, security and filtering is also managed here.

The system handles backup of database and its schedule. As the logs grows, the system allows saving of these logs to an external storage and at the same time clearing/removing them from the database.