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- CloudGate Ticket Management System -

"CloudGate Ticket Management System (TMS) enables you to handle all your incoming tickets easily. You can track unassigned tickets, overdue tickets, closed and escalated tickets easily. You can also set service-level agreements to ensure that all incoming tickets are resolved within the resolution time set. "


◘ Real-time view time usage of the entire team / organization

◘ Easily Monitor tickets status

◘ Centralized System Management

◘ Customizable up to code level




Tracks all the new tickets in the organization. Admin can assign it to a tech. support or the tech support can easily grab the ticket and support it. Attach guides and solutions to add details for requester’s approval.

See the status of all the tickets in a year at a glance and check whether the organization is maintaining the level of service that it had promise to the users of the organization / or external users of the organization.

The system keep tracks of all users activities inside the application from the creation of the ticket up to its approval that can be used for security review later when the needs arises.