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- CloudGate Time Report Management System -

"CloudGate Time Report Management System (TRMS) makes time tracking easy (and almost fun). Your team will get up to speed fast and can track their time however (and wherever) they want—on their laptop, iPad, Android Tablets. Simple and quick time entry means there’s no excuse not to track, and you’ll have the data you need to bill accurately and budget wisely. "


◘ Real-time view time usage of the entire team / organization.

◘ Easily Monitor time of employees.

◘ Easily view charging of time to Cost-Centers

◘ Easily billed clients on time spent for support.

◘ Centralized System Management

◘ Customizable up to code level.




View and approve your team’s time and expenses. Someone forget to track? Send automated reminders to people who might’ve let timesheets slip their mind.

Easily bill your client on the time spent by your team support for support. View real-time report on whether your company is losing money or not due to support expenses.

Easily log expenses related to the time rendered by an support person to the client. Generate a report and bill the client easily.