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- CloudGate Computer Based Exam System -

"A CloudGate CBE ( Computer Based Examination) is computer software that schools and review centers to conduct training examinations to students and at the same time monitoring the progress of their learning / review. The system is browser-based allowing students to access the system with a desktop, a tablet or a mobile device. "


◘ Easily monitor student progress during review

◘ Easily view overall performance of the review group

◘ Easily analysis of the questions being used

◘ Centralized maintenance of questions and students




The organization can easily upload set of questions from an external file. This allows security on the questions. Questions are uploaded only when needed and removed from the system when not in use.

Trainers can easily track progress of each student and where they weak in certain field. On the organization, they can easily view the overall status of the review and the profile of each student taking the examination online.

Students progress are keep in the central database and can be extracted anytime for reporting purposes. Examination results also are saved either as HTML or text file or easily filing and storing.