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- Fleet Management System -

"CloudGate Fleet Manager is computer software that allows organizations to manage and monitor their fleets maintenance, trips, gasoline usage, warranties and repairs. Users also can see the status / insights of their fleet for decision-making purposes. "


◘ Easily monitor vehicles individually

◘ Easily view overall performance of vehicles

◘ Easily analysis of vehicles usage and repairs

◘ Centralized maintenance of vehicle inventory




With full integration to the CloudGate framework, the system inherits the security of user management, openness to other system that supports open system thus can be easily integrated with knows systems or even systems develop internally.

User can easily view the status of the entire fleet in a snap because summary of trips, volume of gasoline, etc. is being displayed in a graph or in any form simple to analyze in a glance.

As a browser-based application, management of users and the entire system has been moved from managing individual users in a client-server setup to a centralized system where patching and updates can be centrally applied.