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- Cloudgate Expense Management System -

"A Cloud Gate Expense Manager is an browser-based application that allows organizations to manage and monitor their expenses within the organization. This allows organized processing of expenses and elimination of physical paper receipts. Design to be easy to used and minimal training required by each user. "


◘ Elimination of physical or actual receipts

◘ Supports unlimited number of users

◘ Provides analysis of expenses

◘ Centralized maintenance of Expenses

◘ Can be access via mobile devices either on premises or via Internet

◘ Customized reports can be generated for external accounting applications




With full integration to the Cloud Gate framework, the system inherits the security of user management, openness to other system that supports open system thus can be easily integrated with knows systems or even systems develop internally.

User can easily view the status of the entire expenses in a month or a year. Easily view summary of the status of all expenses requested and where are most of the expenses go.

As a browser-based application, management of users and the entire system has been moved from managing individual users in a client-server setup to a centralized system where patching and updates can be centrally applied.