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- Heures Management System -

" Cloud Gate Heures is a timekeeping and payroll application that monitors and manage employee time and attendance and generate payroll based on the gathered time data. The system allows data from different sources and is configurable during loading. "


◘ Reliable Accuracy

◘ Increase productivity

◘ Bottom-line Savings

◘ Decrease burden on one person or department

◘ Stronger company culture

◘ Improved regulatory compliance

◘ Integration amplifies all benefits




With full integration to the Cloud Gate framework, the system inherits the security of user management, openness to other system that supports open system thus can be easily integrated with knows systems or even systems develop internally.

User can easily view the status of the entire sales of tickets in a month or a year. Easily view summary of the status of all ticket status. Monitor partner sales status.

As a browser-based application, management of users and the entire system has been moved from managing individual users in a client-server setup to a centralized system where patching and updates can be centrally applied.